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Google Compete Lead

Location: München
Employment: Full time employee
Array: Marketing
HR Contact: Malcolm Kirkby

Google Compete Lead

This job’s purpose is to execute local Google Compete initiatives, orchestrating across the SMSG and MSN organizations. The Google Compete Lead will also develop local strategies to address short-term and long-term opportunities. This role manages all competitive escalations relating to Google and serves as the local/regional spokesperson for Google Compete PR and AR. The role is responsible for local/regional competitive intelligence and for maintaining a close relationship to the Corp Google Compete team.

Program Development and Execution – Drive execution of Microsoft’s global Google Compete initiatives, orchestrating across all SMSG groups and the local/regional MSN/Windows Live teams. Drive adoption of Google Compete initiatives through other Microsoft teams in order to ensure distributed execution. Be accountable for ultimate business results (market share, wins, revenue) related to Google Compete initiatives, such as Search in the Enterprise and Mid-Market. Manage incentives and contests to drive results in the Microsoft field to win vs. Google.

Develop a plan for successful execution of these Google compete programs including communication, monitoring of results, and incorporation of the learnings back into the programs in order to drive continuous improvement.
Develop and execute local/regional Google Compete field strategies and initiatives that are specific to the local/regional market, keeping the Corp team informed of progress and learnings.

Raise the visibility of Google Compete initiatives to senior managers based on the strategic importance to Microsoft in order to ensure ongoing support for execution and the necessary resources, including budget and people.
Engage directly in local/regional competitive situations, including customer and partner opportunities to provide deep Google Compete expertise. Serve as the escalation point for local/regional Google Compete escalations.

Work with the appropriate Corp teams to bring resources, expertise and executive engagement necessary to win in the toughest competitive situations. Follow-up on escalations to ensure closure. Report wins, losses and lessons-learned back to Corp and to the Google Compete Leads community in order to share best practices and new learnings.

Competitive Strategy and Analysis – Stay deeply connected with the Corp Google Compete Team and with the local/regional Windows Live product management and marketing teams to be informed of Google-competitive products, services and marketing strategies. Analyze Google’s local/regional activities and presence. Develop effective local/regional strategies to address competitive threats from Google as well as Microsoft opportunities. Communicate insights about Google to the Corp Google Compete team and to senior management.

Participate in global Google Compete strategy development, providing local/regional perspectives and insightful strategic thinking. Conduct local/regional strategy development workshops, competitive simulations and conferences. Listen well to feedback and information coming from across Microsoft, both Corp and field, regarding Google and competitive strategies. Work closely with the GM, Strategy Development to assimilate this information back into the global strategy development processes. Drive changes to competitive strategies based on internal and external feedback.

Document competitive strategies with an eye toward clarity and simplicity. Provide competitive insights and guidance during leadership and planning forums such as PRISM, MYRs and quarterly SMSG sync meetings.

Internal and External Communications – Bring competitive intelligence to the masses at Microsoft. Raise awareness across the subsidiary/region of competitive trends and specific threats and opportunities. Broadly inform different Microsoft groups about our competitive strategies and action plans. Continuously update information to other groups in Microsoft through use of regular communication vehicles – web sites, newsletters, RSS feeds, presentations, conferences, etc.

Based on Corp guidance, build the local/regional plan for communicating competitive strategies externally in the most appropriate way – to the media, analysts, customers, partners, digiterati, influentials, etc. Working with Corp, subsidiary/region and MSN PR, build a proactive PR/AR plan to improve perceptions about Microsoft and enable us to react quickly, and in a unified way across the company, to competitive developments (e.g., competitor announcements). Coordinate with local LCA/image/citizenship teams to ensure consistency in messaging (e.g., privacy, security). Provide input into Corp-driven external market research to understand perceptions about Microsoft and competitors. Analyze local/regional perceptions data in order to create a PR/AR plan that targets perception change.

Execute on the PR/AR plan by building relationships with key analysts and members of the press. Tell our story externally by participating directly in execution of the PR/AR plan. Collect input and feedback from external sources. Create mechanisms to solicit feedback. Communicate the value that Microsoft places on external feedback. Drive feedback and information gathered from external sources back into the strategy development process, following-through to ensure appropriate adjustments to Microsoft’s competitive strategies.

Required 10+ years of related experience
Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.) & MBA
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